Event description-

A mind grippling event in which participants will encounter multiple facets of business in an unconventional manner. The businessmen in the participants will be on the move, taking them through a unique quiz elimination round followed by a business pitch finale,  challenging their analytical, critical and creative thinking skills.


Event Rules:

  • Participation in teams of 2. Lone wolves are not allowed.

  • Cross college teams are permitted.

  • All rounds will be conducted via online platforms.

  • The partipants are responsible for their internet connectivity.

  • Use of unfair means will lead to direct disqualification.

  • Decision of the organizers is final and binding.


Event Rounds:

Round 1: Preliminary round

  • A quiz -oriented round that will drive the participants through a journey of 15 questions. Each question will escalate the difficulty level through riddles and puzzles. A fusion of business, management, marketing and  entrepreurship, the questions will tickle the brain cells of the participants, making them resurface their knowledge and delve deeper into their business acumen. The round aims at testing the puzzle solving and observational skills.


Round 2 : Final

  • Around 10-12 teams will be shortlisted for the next round, and 2 teams will be given case studies of the same industry. The participants’ job will be to come up with a business plan where they have to present their ideas through a PowerPoint presentation to come up as the leader in their industry. This must include a business name, product details, marketing strategies, USP, etc. The teams of the same industry will be pit against each other where they have to pitch their B-Plans by standing over their competitor.


business A2 V2.jpg

Judgement Criteria: 

  • ROUND 1 : Accuracy and speed

  • ROUND 2 : Ingenuity and practicality. - Analysis and spontaneity

  • Decisions of the judges will be final and biding.

Event Coordinators:

  • Ishita   : 84270 79495

  • Vansh : 88601 61144