Event description-

A mind gripping event in which participants will encounter multiple facets of the business world in an unconventional manner. Participants must strive to maximize their profit at each stage while minimizing the cost at the same time. By virtue of their skill and prowess, they will have to allocate their funds judiciously.


Registration Rules:

  • Register in teams of two.

  • Cross college teams are allowed

  • Registrations will be accepted on first come, first serve basis.


Event Rules:

  • The event will consist of a single round. Each team will be given a certain amount of virtual cash. There will be a host of territories which the teams can acquire at a specified amount. Along with the territories, a list of products will be provided that can be manufactured by each team in its acquired territory using raw materials in specified ratios. The selling price of these products in different territories will also be provided. With their own judgement of prices of territories and products, the teams have to acquire territories.
  • Once the territories are acquired, each team will bid for the raw materials with the help of virtual cash left with them after acquiring territories. The bidding will be a closed bidding wherein the team with the highest bid price will get the raw material at the second highest bid price. The teams can also negotiate and exchange raw materials between them as per their requirements once the bidding is done.
  • After purchasing raw materials, the teams will have to manufacture products in their acquired territories in specified ratios of raw materials. The teams then have to calculate the value of the products(selling price in the particular territory×quantity produced) manufactured by them. The team with the maximum value of products manufactured will win.

Venue-  Reading Room

The decision of the organizers will be final and binding.


For queries related to this event, kindly contact:

Shivanshi Garg : 95555 06888

Kusha Gugnani : 96505 34339