A one-of -a-kind event, designed to take you on a roller coaster ride of fun- filled entrepreneurial activities.The event has been tailored to assess the participants’ analytical, critical and creative thinking abilities. The  participants’  entrepreneurial  cells  will  be  on  the  move,  which  will  help  them  to  become numerouno .The event has two rounds, first being the elimination and second being the case study round.


Registration rules

  • Registration and participation in teams of 2, individual participation not permitted

  • Cross college teams allowed.


ROUND 1 : Quiz

This will be based on a Quiz with a twist. The participants will be required to use their cognitive skills to deduce answers of given questions. One team member will find answers to quiz questions, while the other will be given a walk-through of the Mystery Room which would enable the participants to arrive at the answers.


ROUND 2 : Case Study

7 teams will qualify to this round and would be given cases of dead/stagnant companies from different sectors.  The participants would be expected to revive these dead companies by exploiting opportunities in the external environment. 

Venue:    Lecture Hall 1 & Lecture Hall 2

Event rules

  • Use of cell phones prohibited in Round 1. Anyone found using a phone will be disqualified immediately.

  • Touching and vandalizing the props not allowed.

  • The decision of the judge final and binding.


Event coordinator

Lovely Kain : 8851177139

Milan Madaan : 9541990590