A think tank event that is bound to probe the entrepreneurial skill set of the participants. The event encourages analyzing as well as creative thinking in its two rounds. An unconventional preliminary quiz round followed by pitching a start-up.


Event rules

  • Registration and participation in teams of 2, individual participation not permitted

  • Cross college teams allowed.

  • All rounds will be conducted via online platforms

  • The participants are responsible for their internet connectivity.

  • Use of unfair means will lead to direct disqualification.

  • Decision of the organizers is final and binding.


ROUND 1 : 

The quiz round will entail layered questions that in turn would build pressure to solve the set of questions in a limited time period. The questions will be based on entrepreneurs and their ventures testing the participants' knowledge of the domain and observational skills.


ROUND 2 : 

The shortlisted teams will be taken into the second round wherein they'll have to showcase their entrepreneurial skills. The participants will be provided with problems in a specific industry which they need to solve by launching a startup. The venture should encompass various elements needed in a startup. The startup with the best possible solution will win.


entre B6 v2.jpg

Judgement Criterion

  • ROUND 1 - Accuracy and speed

  • ROUND 2 - Ingenuity and practicality, 

    •  Analysis and spontaneity

  • The decision of the judge final and binding.


Event coordinator

Keshav     : 99960 23895

Vanshika : 88603 30910