Event Description:

The event encapsulates the thrill of trading virtual money for stocks on the basis of news and rumours in the first round. The participants will be required to do research and financial analysis of stocks using technical and fundamental analysis.  The event will allow the participants to understand financial markets, undertake requisite analysis, and imbibe prudent thinking for investments.


Registration Rules:

  • Participate in teams of 2 or 3 members per team.


Event Structure :

  • The event will comprise of 2 rounds.


Round 1:

Round 1 is a mock stock based on the dream fantasy league theme. Every team has to make its portfolio from the given stocks, currencies and commodities. In the end, their portfolios will be evaluated and the teams will be shortlisted for round 2 on the basis of their portfolio value.


Round 2 :


Round 2 consists of company analysis. The teams shortlisted after round 1 will be eligible for round 2. Teams will be allotted specific companies for analysis. They are required to prepare and present the analysis report. The teams shortlisted after screening the equity reports will be presenting the same to our judges (experts from the finance sector). Top 3 teams will be declared as winners.


Finance final B4 v2.jpg


  • Simple calculators are allowed.

  • Cartelisation is prohibited and will lead to disqualification.

  • Decisions of the organizers are final and binding

For queries related to this event, kindly contact:

Bharat : 96434 31273

Raghav : 85060 36566