Event Description:

The event encapsulates the thrill of trading virtual money for stocks on the basis of news and rumors. Amidst the ever changing trend in the market, the event is designed to revive the era of ancient Greeks and drive students to understand the barter system and trade in the same outline. The one who displays sound financial aptitude and strong decisiveness reaches the top and win. The event will allow the participants to understand financial markets, undertake financial, market and external analysis, and imbibe prudent thinking for investing.


Registration Rules:

  • Participate in teams of 2 or 3 members per team.


Event Structure :

  • The event will comprise of 2 rounds.


Round 1:

This round will mainly pertain to a conventional mock stock format, wherein the participating teams will be provided an equal, virtual capital. They will be provided data, news and rumours about multiple companies, commodities and currencies, which will help direct their investments. The change in prices of the stocks will be dependent on twin factors: market determinants, i.e., demand and supply and the news/rumours provided.  Teams with highest portfolio value will qualify to the next round.


Round 2 :


This round is further broken down into two sub-rounds and incorporates the idea of ancient Greek barter markets. First, the teams will be given an option to buy gold using the virtual cash provided, which will be influenced by a set of news items. This will be followed by an outcry round, which will contain 5 stocks, in the name of 5 Greek Gods.  The participants will be required to trade amongst themselves, i.e, exchange gold for stocks. This entire round will be repeated with the updated price of gold. The teams with the highest portfolio value will be adjudged as winners.


  • Use of mobile phones or any smart gadgets is prohibited and will lead to disqualification.

  • Simple calculators are allowed.

  • Cartelisation is prohibited and will lead to disqualification.

  • Decisions of the organizers are final and binding

For queries related to this event, kindly contact:

Devesh : 85860 06910

Raghav : 85060 36566