Event Description:

An event that will test participants' investing rationale and financial acumen. The participants will have to manifest their abilities as a trader and will also get hands-on experience of the dealings in the stock exchange and big corporations.

The event will be carried out in three rounds, the first round will be an elimination round, followed by a bidding round and the event will be concluded by a pitching round, the details for which are specified below.


Registration Rules:

  • Participate in teams of 2 members per team.


Event Structure :

  • The event will comprise of 2 rounds.



This round will not only test the participants instincts as a trader but also judge their ability to handle large amounts of information and money. Participants will be given three different types of currencies which they can invest in three different exchanges. On the basis of their judgment of the news and rumors provided, they further will need to analyze the effect on the given category of assets. Participants will have to maximize their portfolios as the amount will be forwarded to the next round.


Participants will be given a list of companies on which they will have to silently bid according to their preferences, and not exceed the amount they had in the previous round. Once the companies have been alloted, participants’ would be given a set of parameters and further, they will have to look for smaller companies which they will merge with their allotted company. The participants will have to submit a presentation justifying the synergy between the two companies.


Top 12 presentations will be selected for the third and final round, wherein the participants will present the submitted presentations to the panel of judges and prove their merger plans' merit. The best pitch wins.


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  • All the rounds will be conducted online on different platforms.

  • Decisions of the organizing committee would be final and binding.

For queries related to this event, kindly contact:

KRISH : 8506841598

VISHESH : 8700171785