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Divas Gupta is India's first Ikigai Coach having impacted more than 700,000+ individuals in 14+ countries. He is a Master Career Practitioner licensed by CEAV Australia. He has done his MBA from IIM Kashipur, which helped him expand his business and establish himself as a lifestyle coach around the world. His deeply ingrained morals have inspired many students to enrich their lives with better outlook.

Aditya Kumar is a proud alumnus of the batch of 2014 of the Department of Management Studies, Keshav Mahavidyalaya. He is the Founder and CEO of Urja Bolt, a new-age startup that enables economic growth for e-mobility backers. He has represented India as the Young Social Entrepreneur in Singapore in 2019. Seeing the different tenets of the Indian consumer market catches his attention. To gather the energy for all of it, Aditya finds his space in Yoga Sessions, Half-Marathons, Comicbooks, and well his DieCast Car Collection.

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