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Dr. Amarjit Chopra

Dr. Amarjit Chopra, a renowned Chartered Accountant with a distinguished career spanning decades, has held several leadership positions, including Chairman of Northern India Regional Council and President of ICAI. He has been nominated by the government for various prestigious roles and served on the boards of prominent companies. Dr. Chopra has also received honorary membership from Australian Institute of Chartered Accountants and Association of International Accountants London. He is a faculty member on the roster of IMF.


Mr. Mohit Gupta

Mohit Gupta, conceptualized the idea of FROB- friends of books, a social app around books which is still a work in progress, a couple of months ago as a pure passion to chase his love to read books and feed his curiosity. He reads everything, literally. He often lends his strategic expertise to few startups and social sector organizations in the field of learning and education.

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