Event Description:

The platform is designed for stimulating the marketing skills of the students. The event is designed on the basis of market acumen wherein the one who exhibits critical understanding and astute creativity reaches the top and wins. Designed by young minds for young minds, it is celebration of being persuasive, of being aware.


Registration Rules:

  • Participants are required to register in teams of 3 


Event Structure :

  • The event will comprise of 2 rounds.


Round 1: Pictionary

A rostrum for enthusiasts to exhibit their sound marketing aptitude through a melange of art and trivia. The first round is objectively designed on the lines of Pictionary wherein will the team will be judged on the basis of wit and correctness. Top teams from this round will qualify for the second round. 

Rules :

  • Time consumed shall be a tie breaker in case of equal score of two teams.

  • The partcipants are not allowed to draw the given word itself, write the name of the generic product or the person associated like CEO or founders.

  • Decisions of the organisers will be final and biding.

  •  Use of phone will render team disqualified.


Round 2 : Marketing Pentagon

You think making Ads is too easy? Well think again, as in this round, you have to unlock marketing tools through a series of riddles and hints, and use them to forge a relation and present an advertisement using them.

Rules :

  • Usage of four marketing tools is compulsory.

  • Use of phone will render team disqualification.

  • Representation should not exceed 5 minutes.

Judgement Criteria: 

  • Teams will be judged on the judged on the grounds of their artistry and vision of their advertisement.

  • Teams encompassing all the marketing aids will be given some advantage.

  • Use of offensive and provocative words can lead to disquaification.

  • Decisions of the judges will be final and biding.

Event Coordinators:

  • Sanya : 88822 53849

  • Aamna : 88820 89209