Event Description:

An exclusive event to challenge the process of developing a strong marketing background, display, and presentation to promote a product, service, cause, or organization. Events will occur via online mode.

Event Rules:

  • Registration and participation in teams of 2-3, individual participation is not permitted. cross college teams are allowed


Event Structure :

  • The event is structured into 3 rounds, one being elimination, 2nd round to shortlist finalists, and 3rd round being the play-off round.


Round 1: Preliminary round

Just like our typical childhood snakes and ladders game with an interesting twist filled with an experience of absolute fun. Each participating team would be quizzed from a different set of questions related to marketing. Answer right to get a chance to throw the dice again, evade the venomous snakes and ladder board. The answers and category type would be separately evaluated.


Round 2 : Spot the brand

The second round will include 100 brands in a video which are hidden in a creative way. The participants will have to find the maximum brands in the given time limit and the one with the most brands found wins.

Round 3 : Case study round

Around 10 teams will be qualified to the final round and will be presented with a case study and will be invited to pitch their solution to the jury and compete for top 3 positions. All selected teams have to prepare up to 10 slide ppt. The participant will require to devise a new marketing strategy or employ other methods, as per the discretion.


marke A2 v2.jpg

Judgement Criteria: 

  • Teams will be marked on promptness of the answers, and their accuracy.

  • Use of offensive and provocative words can lead to disquaification.

  • Decisions of the judges will be final and biding.

Event Coordinators:

  • Milan : 95419 90590

  • Kriti    : 78275 49383