A challenging event wherein the eloquent speakers will engage in a fascinating battle of wit, words, and winnow, analyzing and presenting their perspectives as stakeholders. They will also have to showcase their perspective with convincing effective speeches and arguments, rebuttals and interjections. The event has two parts, , Preliminary and Final round. The Preliminary round will be taking place in two rounds to ensure screening out the best for the finals.

ROUND 1A: Umm-err timings

The participant is given a simple topic to talk about (my school, my family, animals, television, sport etc). They have sixty seconds to talk on their topic. If they speak for the whole sixty seconds then they get sixty points, but every time they say “um” or “er” they lose a point. So, if a participant manages to speak for 45 seconds and does 8 ums and ers receives 37 points. The game to be widened to include banned words such as “like”, “basically”, “innit”, “you know” etc to encourage the use of formal English.


ROUND 1B: Hot Air Balloon

The concept of a balloon debate is that a hot air balloon is coming down and in order to save any of the passengers, others will need to be thrown overboard. Different students represent the people (or objects/concepts/materials) in the balloon and argue in turn to the group why they should be saved. If they are thrown overboard their contribution to humanity goes with them. The panel evaluate the relative cases and vote the people off the balloon one by one. This could be done with scientists / inventors / materials / mathematical formulae / writers / artists / musicians / philosophers / public services or anything else which links to your curriculum.



Ambassadors representing the company on various ethical dilemma in a press conference scenario.

  • A set of 5-7 finalists will be allotted various companies to represent ethical and societal allegations.

  • They can be allotted a specific company and will present the case in terms of press conference.

  • The other members can act as media person and can put interjections.

Debate (9).png

Event Rules:

  • Lone wolves are only allowed, no teams permitted.

  • All rounds will be permitted via online platforms.

  • The participants are responsible for their internet connectivity.

  • Use of unfair means will lead to direct disqualification.

  • Decision of organisers is final and binding.

​Judgment Criteria:

  • Judgment will be individual, and marked on the manner, matter and method of speaking. The reasoning, logic and analytical skills behind the argument will be taken into consideration.

Event Coordinators:

  • Zishan : 9946110509

  • Rishabh : 8901876475