Bring out the hidden marketer in you as you take the role of an advertiser and market a unique product with various acts, jingles, taglines, and other elements. Participating teams will be allotted a unique product on October 31, 2022, via faculty's registered mail for which they'll have to prepare an advertisement incorporating elements like tagline, USP, and jingle. On the day of the event, the teams will be given a surprise element that has to be incorporated into the advertisement on the spot.



  • Participation is allowed in a team of 3-4 members.

  • A maximum of 2 teams are allowed from the same school.

  • There are limited slots that will be allotted on a first come first serve basis.



  • The medium of the ad should be English and/or Hindi.

  • The time limit for the ad is 3 minutes. Non-adherence to this time limit will lead to a negative marking.

  • The teams can use props according to their discretion.

  • Offensive and insensitive language in the ad is strictly prohibited.

  • The top 3 teams will be declared as winners based on creativity, relevance, presentation, clarity of thought, and overall performance. 

Copy of final posters (1)_edited.jpg

Faculty Coodinator: 

  • Dr. Nomita Sharma


Event Heads:

  • Kavya Arora: 9013228607

  • Saksham Arora: 9811770366